Giving Back to the Community:

Founder-Friendly Support and Legal Guidance

During the early stages of company growth, founders often relinquish a host of rights by accepting outside investment upon terms that compromise their interests, limit their flexibility or fail to protect their long-term interests.

As we help our clients realize their visions, Comar LLP takes pride in prioritizing the interests of founders. We work hard to understand founders, nurture their goals, and take their personal visions and values into account as we guide them through the legal aspects of company growth. We craft individualized solutions that are tailored to the often unique, long-term goals of our clients.

Our attention to the bespoke visions of our founder clients has also created the foundation of our social community practice area. We realized that often once our clients’ business and monetary goals had been realized, they often turned their focus on creating the community spaces of their dreams. These social communities focus on the promotion of exciting new activities and practices, often acting as innovation hubs (co-working, co-living, and skill sharing spaces) where other budding innovators can work toward their goals and build the proper foundations under their aligned ambitions.

Ideas don’t thrive in a vacuum, and successful leaders recognize the value of teamwork and community. By establishing community spaces, these builders and creators provide opportunities and resources for the next generation of innovators, symbiotically accelerating the virtuous cycle of innovation.

Once you’ve reached this critical milestone on your entrepreneurial journey—whether you’re searching for ways to reinvest and reinvigorate your existing community or ways to disrupt and reinvent the very concept of a community—you’ll be able to rest assured that you can turn to Comar LLP for counsel. As we have from the start, we’ll listen closely and take the steps necessary to bring your visions and values to life.