Are we the only law firm in the world to issue a manifesto? Could be. We are proud of what we believe in, and what we stand for. When you work with Comar LLP, you work with people who have already made the following promises in advance of any engagement, whether we are fiercely litigating on your behalf, creating your first-of-its kind investment fund, or helping you journey to your liquidity event.

We pledge to bring positive, can-do energy to your matter. Attitude can be everything, and in particularly rough or stressful moments, attitude will make the difference in getting the absolute right outcome. No matter the situation, and no matter the stress, we will bring calmness, patience, zen, and positivity to ensure the best outcome possible. In our corporate and investment work, this means we will be diligent, thorough, and prompt. In our litigation work, no matter the adversary, we will outmaneuver them with the best strategy, the best arguments, and the best composure.

We pledge to be a critical part of your Inner Circle. Every Camelot needs a seat for Merlin at the round table. Our lawyers sit in with Boards, accompany our clients to critical business meetings, and form an integral part of the inner professional circle that you will need in order to be successful. We further pledge to work cooperatively with the other advisors you have hand selected. We will bring no drama, and may even tame a bit of it with our presence.

We pledge to help your business succeed as high as it possibly can. We will give you our objective advice, while presenting that advice within the full context of creative possibilities. We pride ourselves not only in our ability to solve legal questions of first impression, but also in our ability to do so in a way that is legally sound and viable. We will build you your wings -- and will also apprise you when you are getting too close to the sun.  

We pledge to work in symbiosis with your venture at all times. We value a mutually beneficial relationship that brings benefits to each side. At every stage of working with us, we want to make you feel happy with the value exchange for our services. Good advice is expensive. But it should always be worth it.

We pledge to consider positive social impact. We are a business law firm, but we are not blind to social problems. In fact, a growing part of our corporate practice focuses exclusively on social impact venture work, including for-profit/non-profit hybrid structure, social impact funding, and public benefit corporation work. That being said, regardless of the engagement, we may provide you with thoughts on how to maximize positive social impact on your matter, particularly if easy tweaks can bring about unexpectedly high social returns.

We pledge to push your venture to be the best version of itself. When we work on your matter, we promise to act as the best versions of ourselves. And in so doing, we will endeavor to push your venture to be the best version of itself, as well.

We make these promises to you: the client.