Balancing Social Impact with Corporate Growth

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If you’ve read our law firm’s manifesto (it’s posted on our site), then you know that we’re committed to a set of larger principles that guide our decisions from hour to hour and day to day. We’re a legal firm, so upholding the law and serving our clients ranks as a top priority, of course. But all law firms do that. At Comar LLP, we feel uniquely positioned to empower our clients as they build their businesses, nurture their ideas and protect their information. But we know that our position is an advantage and a gift, and we’re committed to using that advantage to strengthen the community and the world, not just our clients and ourselves. 

With that in mind, we include a pledge in our manifesto: a pledge to remain aware of the social world in which we live and the problems within our social systems. As a business law firm, we focus a defined percentage of our corporate practice on social impact ventures. This means that we dedicate a rapidly growing segment of our firm to supporting fully or partially non-profit enterprises, targeting corporate funding sources that support social impact, and assisting corporations with projects dedicated to the public good. Even as we engage in standard discussions and client interactions relevant to corporate law, we work to help those clients identify and leverage opportunities for social impact. Small moves can make a big difference, and we help our clients understand where and how these small (and large) moves can be made.  

We also work to help clients bring out the best in their efforts and their ventures. This is just how we do business, and in a landscape of generic firms with fleeting interests and shallow connections to the larger community, we certainly stand out. We can help you stand out too. Consider the legacy your business will leave—the impact that extends beyond your bottom line.