Unusual Transaction Structures: Where to Start

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What is a “company”? What is a “small business”?

A generation ago, some aspects of today’s business structures were unimaginable (for example, cryptographic coins, complex data security demands, and remote employee teams). Even the standard motivations behind work, investment and entrepreneurship have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and continue to evolve. Who could have envisioned the current wave of interest in for-profit/non-profit hybrids, or sustainable investment vehicles focused on renewable fuels? Who could have envisioned a mainstream link between a company’s supply chain structure and human rights advocacy on the part of its investors?

Now more than ever, the “how” and the “why” behind each new enterprise are just as important as calculations designed to bring the highest returns for the lowest possible cost.

What does this mean for those who are working on developing something that’s never been seen before? It means that the word “business” can’t really contain all the vibrant possibilities behind every project. It also means that if you’re working on creating an enterprise, a company, an app, a service, an idea, or a non-profit concept that might change the world, you’re not alone…even though you may feel like you’re in uncharted territory.

If you’re passionate about a project that you don’t know how to name, we hear you. If you’re looking for ways to create brand-new contracts, partnerships and rights-sharing agreements that meet your brand-new needs, we can help. We’re creative, objective, and grounded, just like you.

You might not clearly see the path in front of you, but you know where you’re going, and a smart, efficient team of legal problem solvers can help you get there. Review our manifesto and practice areas to learn more.