Comar Law: Our Investment and Finance Service Offerings

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Our team of attorneys can bring specialized expertise to issues involving corporate law, information litigation, and data security. But we also engage in an area of practice that’s in growing demand at the start of 2019: investment and financial management.

The stock market appears to be heading into an extended state of volatility, and both individuals and corporate investors are looking for stable options that can move them toward their goals while keeping a cloud of uncertainty at bay. Our clients are searching for funds that bring returns for the world, not just themselves. They’d like to find financial vehicles that can support their growing companies or startups. And in some cases, they’d like to create funds and attract like-minded investors who hope to weather 2019 with their long and short term financial goals intact. Here are a few of the specific services we offer.

Broker-dealer and investment manager counseling

No one person fully understands every one of the complex metrics that influence the marketplace, so wise investment managers in search of counsel and insight turn to our team. We, in turn, rely on countless data streams and a network of specialized expertise to inform our position.

Fund formation/SPVs

A special purpose vehicle is a company subsidiary that’s removed from the main company and protected if that company goes bankrupt. We help clients establish these and other investment models that meet their security needs.  

Investor-side due diligence

Avoid leaping into investments that provide elements of risk or uncertainty that exceed a manageable threshold. Start by focusing on due diligence and the power of information.

Crypto currency and cryptographic token issuances

Crypto currency doesn’t grab many headlines lately, but blockchain technology still holds the potential to create decentralized investment vehicles with unique forms of protection.  

Equity and non equity crowdfunding

As you move through each investor round on the path to launching a new business, keep crowdfunding on the table as an option.

Social impact investment funds

In 2019, investors are looking for more than just personal gain that comes at a high cost to the environment, our social fabric, and the larger global economy. If you’re searching for social responsible investment vehicles (renewable energy funds, for example).

For more information about each of these service offerings or to set up an initial consultation, contact our office.