Comar LLP and Cryptocurrency: What We Do


As our clients navigate the uncharted landscape of cryptocurrency offers and investment opportunities, we stand beside them with a long and growing track record of accomplishments in this space and a deep understanding of the associated advantages and risks.

Delving into the crypto marketplace can put an ambitious startup on the fast track or drive a new business straight into a thorny tangle of litigation and financial disappointments, and the difference lies in two words: planning and experience. We can help with both.

Here are a few areas in which we provide seasoned and reliable support.

We offer counsel on litigation risks. Token offerings may or may not result in private securities litigation by purchasers at some point in the future. Sidestep that possibility by managing the risks and taking appropriate precautions well in advance.

We help issuers structure their token offerings, identifying exemptions from registration under U.S. securities rules, discussing the difference between investment and non-investment tokens, and helping to manage overseas offerings.

We counsel collectors of art and other valuable objects who wish to issue novel asset-backed tokens on blockchains. This move requires an understanding of securities laws and sale requirements, but it can lead to expedient and profitable fundraising.

Our core legal team holds a deep background and an extensive list of accomplishments in venture financing and asset management.

We navigate complex securities and derivatives markets for our clients and our experience with litigation, dispute resolution, and corporate governance helps growing companies comply with regulatory requirements and withstand SEC and investor scrutiny.

To this end, we’ve developed a convertible instrument (a successor to SAFT) that can help resolve questions related to token issuing structure, required SEC filings, and required investor disclosures. Our instrument is called STEM (simple token for emerging money) and with this tool, we hope to encourage innovation and a culture of compliance.

Cryptocurrency markets may be new, but they’re nothing to fear or avoid, and they offer a potentially powerful on-ramp for entrepreneurs, inventors, big thinkers, and new entrants in to the world of global commerce.

In an unpredictable market space, partnering with an experienced legal team can keep a high-potential business apprised of opportunities and protected from avoidable risk.