Information Litigation: We can Help

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Here on the blog, we’ve addressed issues related to data management, regulatory compliance, how to handle audits and potential weak points in data protection systems, and how to stay aligned with the requirements of HIPAA and the GDPR. But our service offerings extend in both directions; we can help your startup or small/mid-sized company with cyber security issues from the inside out, but we also support clients pursuing data-related litigation, leaked or lost information, employee disclosure agreements, and copyright infringement issues.

We can help you stay on track as you work to protect this information, and if something goes wrong, we can offer the support and legal guidance you need to correct the issue or obtain compensation. Here’s a quick overview of our information litigation practice.

Employee Departures and Trade Secrets

This can be an area of high concern for startups offering products, services, subscriptions or access to platforms with innovative components that competitors can’t copy. Formulas, recipes, production practices, product designs, and even service delivery models may be unique in the world, and they may be the central distinction that separates a commodity product from a million-dollar idea. But when employees leave, they take this knowledge with them. Strong contract language and employee agreements can prevent related damage before it takes place.

The Fiduciary Responsibilities of Corporate Officers/Agents

Officers, agents, and board members don’t always fully understand the extent of their responsibilities, and they often encounter situations with no obvious course of action. What if a decision that boosts shareholder value comes at a cost to employees, or vice versa? What if a short-term gamble may or may not bring long term financial stability? What principles should guide these difficult decisions?

Intellectual Property Infringement

If your intellectual property appears in the public sphere or seems to have coopted by a competitor or another company or entity, we can help you assess the extent of the potential damage and the next steps you’ll need to take to set things right.

Privacy Law Infringement and Breaches of Confidentiality

Certain conversations and decisions discussed by C-level company managers, board members, investors, clients, and others may be shared or leaked in ways that can harm the company or inhibit its growth. But again, a full understanding of privacy protections among all employees and relevant parties can prevent this. So can privacy agreements that are signed before these conversations take place.

Protect company information and client data from unauthorized access, breaches and hacks, and you’ll impress your shareholders and earn client trust. But maintain a plan of action if something goes wrong, and make sure your legal team plays a role.