Comar urges Supreme Court to strike down Trump travel bans


Our legal director, Inder Comar, has urged the United States Supreme Court to strike down the Trump travel bans. 

Comar signed onto an amicus brief submitted by International Lawyers for International Law, arguing that international law prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion and nationality, and that the U.S. Supreme Court must apply international law in reviewing the travel bans.

"The U.S. Supreme Court should look to and honor international obligations of the United States in reviewing potentially unlawful conduct by our President," said Inder Comar. "The President is subject to laws and is under the law. This is the essence of democratic government. If the travel bans do not comply with law, they must be struck down."

The brief was filed in support of the International Refugee Assistance Project and the State of Hawaii, the two chief plaintiffs who are litigating to overturn the travel bans. 

The amicus brief is provided in full here.