Comar Law frees prisoner sentenced in 2004 to 54 years to life

Comar Law is pleased to announce that it has freed Raymond Lee Zimmerman, a Californian sentenced in 2004 to 54 years to life.

Originally sentenced under California’s draconian “Three Strikes Law,” Comar Law was court appointed to help secure Mr. Zimmerman’s release under Proposition 36, also known as the Three Strikes Reform Act, passed by the people of California in 2012.

The trial court conceded application of the Three Strikes Reform Act, but refused to provide full conduct credit to Mr. Zimmerman, reducing his term from 54 years to 18 years and 8 months.

In June of this year, the Court of Appeal agreed with Comar Law that Mr. Zimmerman was entitled to full credits for time already spent in prison. Mr. Zimmerman was ultimately released on October 30, 2014, decades before his initially scheduled release.

Californians have decided that certain non-violent offenders should not be subject to the Three Strikes Law and deserve a second chance. Comar Law is grateful to have played a role in securing the release of one such offender, particularly in time for the holidays