Death Penalty Redux

No one wants to touch the death penalty.  It’s popular, but costly, and potentially riddled with serious procedural deficiencies despite the layers of appeals that already add decades of delay between judgment and execution.  It’s such a problem in California that a federal judge has placed a moratorium on executions until California can prove that its method of execution is (for lack of a better word) humane.

Never mind, as well, the debate as to whether or not the death penalty is even appropriate in a sophisticated and civilized society.  Reasonable and intelligent people can be found on both sides of that argument.  And all too often, discussions about the death penalty never make it past this point.

But social progress is not about exploiting differences.  Social progress is about finding common ground amongst reasonable people and agreeing upon what can be done to make things better.

Comar Law is proud to present one proposal for improving the death penalty system in California:  requiring jurors to meet a burden of proof in their sentencing deliberations.  Incredibly small changes to current law could have a tremendous impact on the death penalty — cutting costs, providing more effective due process and giving jurors greater comfort and guidance to their sentencing decisions.

Take a look and let us know what you think (click here)