A 21st century corporate law firm


Comar LLP was founded in San Francisco in 2010, when a small group of veterans of top-tier New York and California law firms decided to devote their careers to providing creative and objective counsel to the smartest, hardest working and most innovative people alive today who are working to solve real human problems. 

We have now achieved extraordinary results and developed extensive experience in many of the new, headline-making domains — markets whose development we have often influenced with our advice, counsel and once highly novel (but now industry-standard) transaction structures, including:

  • cryptographic coin and cryptographic token minting and trading;

  • hybrid for-profit / non-profit business vehicles designed to create powerful social impact;

  • streamlined LLC investment entities and special purpose entities tailored for flexibility for investors;

  • hybrid for-strategic intellectual property rights sharing agreements, partnerships and joint ventures;

  • information litigation;

  • privacy and data security law and regulation; and

  • founder-friendly organization, governance, financing and exit strategies for emerging and established companies.

Clients approach us to handle some of their most complex and demanding “transactions of first impression” because they appreciate our grounded objectivity and covet our groundbreaking creativity.

Our firm self-organizes and operates as collective of highly agile teams of smart legal creatives. We leanly staff matters based on expertise and effectiveness. As a result, efficiency is legendary, and our responsiveness is unsurpassed.

Our disruptive approach to corporate law attracts talented and entrepreneurial lawyers whose professional and personal experiences shatter the mold of the “basic lawyer,” including outspoken advocates for human rights, former entrepreneurs and founders of innovative startups and non-profits, and venture capital advisers and investors.

We pride ourselves in saying that although there is no common type of Comar lawyer, all of our lawyers are united by an uncommon passion for achieving objective results for our clients in complex matters that demand the utmost degree of legal creativity.