corporate law at the frontier

In addition to traditional startup and day-to-day corporate counseling, Comar Law's corporate practice prides itself on providing first-tier legal services in frontier legal areas. 

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Comar Law is a recognized thought leader in the social enterprise space. In addition to advising dozens of B-Corps and Benefit Corporations, we assist individuals interested in impact investing and using money to create good. Learn more about our social enterprise services for companies and investors. 

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Comar Law attorneys have a wide range of experience in crowdfunding and advise companies who have used equity and non-equity platforms. We work with founders to set up appropriate corporate structures to engage in crowdfunding and advise on relevant securities rules where appropriate. 

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Going beyond simple trademark advice, Comar Law works with companies to create and nurture brands that are robust and defensible from a legal perspective, both in the United States and elsewhere. Our attorneys also work with companies to promote and protect already established brands and to protect those brands from infringement and dilution.

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Modern companies have extensive legal needs regarding how they interact with their users and keep and maintain private data. Boilerplate terms of service or data management polices are not enough. Learn about Comar Law's