Information, in all its forms, is more vital than ever to profitable companies. Comar Law has significant experience in areas of information litigation, including in the areas of:

  • Trade secrets
  • Unauthorized computer access (CFAA)
  • Intellectual property infringement

Some of our representative matters include:

  • We advised a California company sue a competitive startup whose founders had allegedly hacked into our client databases in order to misappropriate data; the startup then went on to secure over $1 million in venture capital funding. The case settled in mediation (CFAA and state law causes of action)
  • We represented a California company in a lawsuit a multi-billion dollar foreign company that was allegedly infringing on our client's trademark. The case settled in mediation (Lanham Act / trademark infringement causes of action)
  • We represented a California company whose employees had allegedly planned to leave the company and took the valuable customer list on the way out the door with them, causing a massive drop in sales (California Trade Secret Act and other state law claims)

Check out our legal guidebook on trade secrets below: