Comar LLP facilitates the transition from tinkerer to entrepreneurship--one of the most rewarding personal and professional journeys imaginable.

Comar LLP's formation services provide bedrock, fundamental legal services such as incorporation, founder advisement, and employee onboarding.

We also help strengthen existing businesses by navigating them through the complexities and rewards of various forms of debt, equity and crowd-funding financings.  

Our clients come from a wide range of industries: everything from software and mobile app platforms, hardware manufacturing (including 3d printing), consumer products, professional and other business service, real estate, education, and media. 

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than watching our clients grow from incorporation through stages of financing through profitability and/or acquisition.

How to Get Started

Ready to hire your first employee?

Deciding between a Delaware or California Corporation?

Interested in Series A financing?

Not sure if your web or mobile application complies with state and federal law?

Wherever you are in your business creation process, Comar LLP can offer strategic advice and assistance to achieve your startup goals quickly. 

Review our Ultimate Startup Menu for an array of la carte legal services that can help you get started today.